Amador Vincent

Vincent Amador

Web developer / Administrator

Name:Vincent Amador
Date of birth:25/04/1984
Address:36 Place de la Nouvelle Aventure, 59000 Lille, France
Phone:Ask for it

Employment / Freelance

2014 - present

Programmer / Administrator

Administrator and developer (php / WordPress / Linux), server monitoring, tuning, anti-hack, debugging, creation of specific plugins…

2010 - present / /...

Programmer / Administrator

Monitoring, upgrading, load balancing, anti-hack, tuning of three servers, server migration, server upgrade, WordPress plugin development : frontend and backend, tuning of Qmail, Postfix, specific tools for server monitoring that repair database table on the fly, check readonly partition, check disk space, check percentage of free inodes, database optimisation, Paypal IPN integration, SEPA integration…

One of the biggest project I have ever made is the one for, almost everything is in backend, with a lot of interactions and mailing between the customer and the administrators. At the end, a press release is made and sent to thousands of selected journalists, mails are traceable in order to give customers a feedback. Graphics showing recurrent readings of the press release are made, publications on website and social network too. I also made an internal mailing system in order to easily mail customers during specific steps.

2014 - present

Programmer / Administrator

Administrator and developer (php / WordPress / Linux), server monitoring, tuning, anti-hack, server migration, load balancing between two hosts, specific plugins allowing authentification, voting and statistics for startup competitions.

2014 - present

Programmer / Administrator

Specific plugins development, WordPress development : facebook comments received via email, moderation, CSS, php for specific actions : country detection to display the right currency, JS, server monitoring, tuning, anti-hack, server migration, server upgrade…

2009 - present


Hosting a webradio using my unused bandwidth on all my dedicated servers.

2008 - present

Game servers

Hosting a lot of game severs : Counter-Strike (1.6, Source and GO), TF2… managing a community of gamers.

Hosting two big Minecraft servers with hundreds of simultaneous players, creation of specific tools for them on Bukkit : whitelist based on payment, virtual currency converted to real money, banking system…


2011 - present

E-commerce and SEO

Various freelance contracts for e-commerce website and SEO optimisation, templates modifications, plugins modifications, creation of specific plugins if necessary, SEO optimisation…

2014 - 2014

Programmer / Administrator

Server migration, sever upgrade, security, tuning, monitoring, development of a tool allowing to upload via ftp on the server through a browser.

2014 - 2014


Creation of a specific responsive template, creation of a specific plugin allowing the administrators to list their distributors on a map, hosting, security…

2013 - 2013


Creation of a specific WordPress plugin : Manage events with specific conditions (reunion, drinks, dinner…), invite WordPress users to it, the plugin send an email to each of them. In that email their answer is required, they are redirected to a page in the administration panel and select in which part of they will participate and if they are coming with family of friends. Depending on the status of the membre the price is not the same, the bill for the event is made and all the financial aspects too : Bills to members each trimester with the listing of the events that they attended, bills to the providers, accounts balance.

2010 - 2010

Oracle Developer at Sopra Group Lille

Oracle Finance, maintenance and developments for Adeo Group around the world. Software upgrade, full developments for specific tasks, bug fixes…


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Address36 Place de la Nouvelle Aventure, 59000 Lille, France
PhoneAsk for it

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